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The company Braaistar was established early 1992 and has proven itself as a market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of firelighters, charcoal and the charcoal briquettes.



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The firelighters are a kerosene (paraffin) based moulded block, white in colour consisting of 12 pieces. Each piece burns for a minimum of 15 min.


The firelighters are packed in a special plastic bag to prevent evaporation, it is odourless and prolongs shelf life for up to two years.

The size of the firelighter block is 165mm x 110mm x 25mm and breaks up into 12 pieces. Twenty four of these firelighter packets are packed into a carton box, sized 350mm x 180mm x 250mm.

For the export markets Braaistar is prepared to pack the firelighters in customers choice of packaging.

Softboard firelighters

A softboard firelighter manufactured with flammable natural wax is also available for export markets.

Number of boxes in containers

20ft container holds 2000 boxes
40ft container holds 4000 boxes


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The charcoal briquettes are manufactured from hardwood charcoal pieces, with a high carbon content, that are crushed and mixed with a natural binder and compressed into oval shapes, +/- 5cm x 2,5cm.

The briquettes burn for approximately 2 hours.


The product is packed in a two layer paper bag, green in colour with barcodes. The size of the bag is 440mm x 230mm x 120mm and in volume 0,01214m.

Number of bags in containers:

20’ container = 2700 bags x 4kg = 10800 kg.
40’ container = 5500 bags x 4kg = 22000 kg


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For the Braaistar charcoal we use only the best quality hardwood to manufacture the charcoal. The charcoal are chunks of 25mm x 120mm packed in a two layer 3 and 5 kg paper bags. The charcoal is non toxic product and burns for approximately 2 hours.


Bag size - 5 and 3 kg bags
Chunk size - 25mm – 120mm
Carbon content - +- 80%
Ash - +- 6%
Moisture - +- 2%
Fines - +- 5%

Number of bags in containers:

5 Kg = volume = 0,0179m
= 20’ container = 1800 bags
= 40’ container = 3700 bags
3 Kg = volume = 0,01214m –
= 20’ container = 2700 bags
= 40’ container = 5500 bags


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We stock a wide accessory range packed in attractive packaging. The products are manufactured from stainless steel and Rose wood.

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